Geminor Inc

AccuRT - Accurate Radiative Transfer Software

Geminor Inc was established in 2000 to commercialize and market software tools and instrumentation in the areas of environmental optics, radiative transfer, and remote sensing.

With the release of our radiative transfer product AccuRT we are providing what we think is the best and easiest to use radiative transfer tool on the market, and we are starting out by catering directly to the remote sensing and ocean color communities.

Until now this product was limited to a few small research labs, and we have spent years making it ready for "prime time" -- now finally it is available to the entire world!

Our initial 1.0 product is well-tested and contains several unique features such as coupling of atmosphere-water radiative transfer processes; realistic models for inherent optical properties (IOPs) in both the atmosphere and the water; an option that allows the user to specify IOPs; radiance output in any direction and at any position in the atmosphere-water system; irradiance output at any position in the atmosphere-water system.

With your support we plan to include additional features as time goes on.