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AccuRT - Accurate Radiative Transfer Software

AccuRT Maintenance Contract - 3 years

Geminor Inc

Our maintenance contract provides free product upgrades between major (and minor) versions of AccuRT as well as access to basic technical support, such as help installing and running the product on your computer.

However it does not cover more complicated technical questions such as "How do I calculate the actinic flux?" or "What is the best way to accomplish X for my project"? For those types of technical issues, consider purchasing an AccuRT Support Contract.

You must have a single user license for AccuRT to take advantage of the maintenance contract.

All major credit cards and PayPal are accepted. Also at Checkout is a Request For Quote (RFQ) option. By selecting the RFQ option you will receive a quotation by email that includes a request for purchase order with terms of payment and delivery.